Travelling To Italy And Eating Their Spaghetti

Travelling To Italy And Eating Their Spaghetti

Going to Italy brings forth a lot of experiences to be had for sure. Not only is that amazing country where Rome happened, but it is also brimming with history and cuisine. My personal favourite about Italy is their pasta, particularly their spaghetti.

I absolute love the stuff. If I could eat anything else in the world, it would only be spaghetti. Meaty and saucy pasta is my favourite meal so excuse me for having this dream of going to Italy just for that. Sure, we can eat spaghetti just about anywhere in the world, I mean, everyone can make it. However, there is nothing comparable to actually eating high-quality pasta right where it came from.

They even all sorts of different pastas! A whole arsenal of spaghetti for all of us pasta-lovers to binge-eat on.

  • Farfalle – farfalle is the Italian word for butterfly but this particular pasta is shaped like bow-ties.
  • Shells – these ones look like tiny sea shells. Depending on their size, the way you cook them is completely up to you. Whether you want to stuff them and then bake them or you want to do a traditional ordinary spaghetti but with these types of pasta.
  • Orzo – they look like rice and you will be forgiven if you mistake them as such. You may find them often in salads and soups.
  • Penne – a little common for this to exist even outside the lovely country of Italy. They are tube-shaped and are about two inches long.
  • Bucatini – this type is of pasta is almost the same as the regular spaghetti pasta, except it’s thicker and hollow. Think of edible and thinner straws and you have the correct image for them.
  • Gnocchi – small, soft dumpling is perfect for thick sauces. It can also withstand baking.
  • Orecchiette – this word means “little ears” and shaped like tiny pasta bowls, which is perfect for collecting sauces.
  • Pappardelle – their thicker than your average spaghetti pasta. You could change up your usual spaghetti recipe by using this instead of the common type. It would make your spaghetti a lot chewier. I would definitely not mind if someone put this on my plate and expected me to eat all of it.

And so on! They even have a type of pasta that are tiny and shaped like circles. They have ravioli and angel hair, which too are more known than some of the ones listed here.

As a pasta-lover, one of my dreams was to eat all the different kinds of pasta ever known to man. Not all at the same time, of course, as awesome as that would sound. However. Let’s say that I would definitely cross that from my bucket-list if I have somehow achieved that goal. It’s just right below “Drinking all kinds of alcohol under the sun”.