Going To Iceland! Here Are A Few Tips

Going To Iceland! Here Are A Few Tips

Everyone has a different way of enjoying themselves when they go to a different country. Even if you ask a local how to properly enjoy such a beautiful country like Iceland, their advice might not be appealing to you as much as they would someone else.

Regardless, Iceland is there for everyone to enjoy, a lovely country as it is. To enjoy it as much as you could, here are a few tips you should take note.

Don’t buy beer in supermarkets

Due to their prohibited beer consumption, drinking got a bit strange there. You may see so many cheap beers when you go to their supermarkets and you might be tempted to buy everything from the shelf, however you need to know that all of them have been watered down too much. Hence why they’re very cheap in the first place. If you want to party all night and get drunk with friends, purchase them in a state-run store called Vinbudin, which is their Wine Store.

Sightsee at night

There are many popular attractions in Iceland and as such, you can expect them, to be crowded by both locals and foreigners alike. When going to Iceland in peak season, don’t bother trying to go to the popular places anymore because they will be packed with so many people you would think that it was Black Friday out in the open. Try to go at night time though. During summer, that country will be blessed by the sun that will last for 24 hours. Yes, a midnight sun, if you want to get pretty with words. It truly is something to behold.

Go camping

One of the best advice to give for going to Iceland would have to be camping. Although you may need to be aware that while they allow camping in places, there are those that are not allowed to be camped on. Tents are allowed for some but if you plan to use a trailer or a camping van, then you might not be allowed to. You are not allowed to camp near farms though, however there are farmers who will permit you for a small fee. All of it is worth it though. Being close to nature is better than being stuck in an expensive inn or hotel. Iceland is known for its natural resources anyway.

Buying food straight from farms

They are cheaper than the ones you will see upon driving down town. Farmers have opened their doors to travellers where they sell food and produce that are better in price and quality. You can buy your sustenance from them quite easily and not have to force yourself to buy the overpriced junk food you would see being sold everywhere. They even have an app or a homepage for it to make it easier for us.