Travelling For A Day – What Is There To Do?

Travelling For A Day – What Is There To Do?

It could surprise you just how much you could do in a day if you had the time to actually travel. You don’t even have to leave the country for it. You COULD eventually do that and even take more than just one day, however, what if you didn’t have all the time and money in the world? What can you learn and experience with just a tiny budget and only 24 hours of free time?

A lot.

For example, most people around the world are actually decent and friendly.

Contrary to the stereotypes we hear and see while watching movies or from scrolling down your Twitter feed, countries technically don’t represent a singular aspect. Meaning, just because you’ve heard that Italians really love pasta (because pasta came from them), doesn’t mean that everyone in that country actually loves that stuff (who wouldn’t though? Spaghetti is delicious). That theory (read: fact) goes the same for personalities and attitude. If I were to believe in stereotypes before going to a different city or a different country, then I would be labelled as an uneducated fool and a racist, not to mention I wouldn’t be able to make so many good friends from the people I meet during my travels.

Don’t believe in stereotypes. The people you meet in YOUR travels are just the same as the ones from your own town. There are bad apples however there are also a lot of friendly people who won’t hesitate to help you if you need it.

It’s safe anywhere else too.

Well, not ALL the time. However, don’t let your dear old mum discourage you from having a fun night out of drinking just because she doesn’t trust the foreign neighborhood you find yourself in. One thing I learned during my travels is that if I see some nearby houses and homes, then it’s safe to stay in that area too. I think about how it’s basically just the same as my own town. I’m cautious so I don’t get literally mugged (avoid dark alleys just in case) however that doesn’t mean I’m going to completely distrust the area I’m at.

There are people there too, just like how there are people where I’m from. Huffpost certainly makes it clear that we all have a lot to learn when travelling.

Now what can you actually do in 24 hours?

For starters, have a glass of wine first. Or a bottle of ice-cold beer. Don’t have too much though. You can go all out once you find a nice pub out there and make friends with the locals.

When you arrive in your destination, go take a walk around town and get a feel for the town/city. Places like Byron Bay holiday apartments are just within walking distance from the beach and the town centre, which makes it easy for you to go out exploring. Ask around and learn the town’s history. One of the great ways to get to know about the town is by learning about its past. Visit the monuments and museums that they have.

Go eat in restaurants that have food that are native to them. You don’t have to go for the ones that would cost you an arm and a leg just to eat a single meal. There are cheaper stands that are probably selling more than the restaurants anyway. You can have a whole meal with cheaper food.

Look for a pub. You know what to do next for the next few hours.

And if you’re still sober enough after that session, you either find a nice local place to sleep all that alcohol off, or you don’t sleep at all since sleeping would waste the limited 24 hours that you have.