Simple Reasons Why You Should Definitely Go Eat Sushi

Simple Reasons Why You Should Definitely Go Eat Sushi

Everyone knows what sushi is. It’s raw fish with rice (sometimes). Simple as that. And with little to no added stuff, it’s basically as healthy as you can get. Best of all? It’s delicious. And that is already enough reason why those who are looking for HAX food should be obsessed with sushi already.

If you wanted other reasons why you should definitely eat sushi, then you can to the right place.

Good for the heart

Do you know why sushi is good for the heart? It’s because they are FISH. And fish are known to have Omega-3 in them. So eating sushi is basically giving your life because you would be charging up on the power that makes your heart be as healthy as possible.

Hormone regulation

Sushi often is wrapped in nori, which is basically just seaweed. Seaweed is filled with a perfectly balanced amount of iodine, which is good for hormones because it balances that. Aside from that, it also improves the metabolism. Hormones are often easily tipped and too much iodine could actually be very bad for you, but seaweed is the perfect balance for it.

Boost in metabolism

High in protein and very low on calorie and fat. Those are key to improving metabolism. If you ever had any doubts about yours or if you were already aware that your metabolism isn’t looking so great, then just change your diet and lifestyle and go wild on sushi. GOOD sushi. Don’t just settle for those found anywhere. Actually get the high quality ones.

Prevents cancer

There are different kinds of sushi and it isn’t just fish and rice being put into it. There are those with toppings like wasabi and ginger, both of which have antioxidants in them that have anti-cancer properties in them. Eating sushi is basically equal to living a long life. Sushi might be a little hard to get used to when you’re just starting to eat it, but it WILL get better by the second round.

Bolsters immune system

The cancer-killing antioxidants previously are there to get rid of bacteria. That means your immune system is getting a power up just by the cleansing your body gets when eating food that gets rid of cancer. To dumb it down; sushi-good-because-bacteria-bad.


Because fish is also high in iron—plus the soy sauce added into the food—it boosts your red blood cells and essentially boosting their production. Having a lot of red blood cells mean blood circulation is at peak activity.

Don’t dismiss sushi. It’s one of the best creations of mankind.