Shopping For The Things Needed For Travelling

Shopping For The Things Needed For Travelling

You got your passport. You got your travel money. You got the important papers in order for you to do the whole travelling. You got them all. The shopping goes next here.

What ARE the necessary things you need to bring with you? What will be the items you’re going to need while you’re out there?

Here’s a guide for you and so you can have your own checklist.

  1. EU adapter – just in case you need to plug your phone, laptop or ANYTHING at all somewhere.
  2. Underwear – pack as many as you can. You can never be too sure.
  3. Socks – wards off the cold on your toes.
  4. Portable phone charger (or a phone charger) – a dead phone will be your nightmare.
  5. PJ’s – so you can sleep comfortably.
  6. Clothes – make sure you pack enough depending on the amount of days you’re away.
  7. Waterproof mac – shields you from the rain!
  8. Sleeping bag – in case of camping.
  9. Walking shoes – get a sturdy pair so you can walk for hours!
  10. Water bottle – hydration adds to your determination!
  11. Hair brush/comb – so you have something to tame your hair with.
  12. Hair spray/gel – keeps you looking spiffy.
  13. Camera (don’t forget the charger) – capture the moments!
  14. Painkillers – in case a headache attacks.
  15. Body wash – so you don’t smell out there.
  16. Shampoo AND conditioner – for manageable hair.
  17. Deodorant – avoid B.O. out there!
  18. Moisturiser – to moisturise, what else?
  19. Towel – very important.
  20. Outfits for going out (plus shoes) – just in case you need to look particularly prettier than normal out there.
  21. Map (GPS is better though) – avoid getting lost in the wild!
  22. First aid kit – be prepared for emergencies.
  23. Scarf/hat/gloves – to keep warm while in cold places.
  24. Sun cream – avoid getting burned in hot places.
  25. Toothpaste and toothbrush – so you can still smile without shame!
  26. Ear buds and eye mask – for a quieter nap.
  27. Nail clippers – shorter nails means healthy-looking hands.
  28. Shaver – try not to look like a hobo, okay?
  29. Swim gear – for when you find yourself at the beach or at a pool.
  30. Contacts or glasses – you need to see in order to travel, right?
  31. Your phone! – VERY important.
  32. Thermal cup and thermal flask – in case you want to cook while camping
  33. Sunglasses – helps from getting the sun in your eyes.
  34. Torch – in case it gets dark.
  35. Flip flops and sandals – for a relaxing walk.
  36. Trainers – so you can walk and run around a lot.
  37. Padlock – keep your things safe.
  38. Backpack rain cover – make sure your stuff doesn’t get wet.
  39. Medicine – sickness doesn’t say anything before it strikes.
  40. Lip balm – avoid chapped lips!
  41. A book (or a travel guide) – a much needed reading material.
  42. S.N.A.C.K.S. – for the hangries.

Also, depending on the kind of trip you’re going for, like camping or something, don’t forget to pack the necessary stuff, alright?

If you don’t already own some of these, then you can now go out shopping for them. Treat this list as a checklist so everything will be easy for you. After you’re done with the shopping, you’re ready to go!