Pregnant with Style

Pregnant with Style

One good tip: Know where to buy and what to buy that will fit your budget.

Taking care of your body while you are pregnant is no easy task—especially because not only will you have to care for your own health and welfare, but that of your baby inside you as well. But just because you are pregnant, doesn’t mean you would not already think about how you look like; you do not have to sacrifice your style and comfort in the nine-month duration of your wait for your little one to arrive. Therefore it is important that you know what to wear and where to purchase these clothes that will make you feel comfortable while maintaining your personal flair.

Pregnancy Outfits / Jessi Malay


If you want to keep up with the trend even while you’re pregnant, choose to shop at H&M. They offer the latest fashion style in clothes for expectant mothers at affordable prices. You may also find the trendiest casual outfits here.


Being a classic favorite among many expectant moms, Gap Maternity offers a wide selection of adorable and affordable clothes. It is also a good place to shop for “the basics” when it comes to what to wear during pregnancy.


Looking for designer clothes for that nine-month wait? A Pea in the Pod offers the latest and most stylish maternity wears—from business-classy to the more casual ones. Prices may be a little higher here, but the material, comfort and style would make it all worth it.


If it’s branded maternity wear you want but don’t exactly have the budget for it, check out Overstock; the store offers a huge selection of marked-down branded maternity clothes—you just have to have the perfect timing as their stock constantly changes from time to time.


Shopping online on eBay may be a bit of an arduous task, but if you get lucky, you may just be able to find great maternity wear for a very reasonable price. Who knows, you might get a pair of Paige maternity jeans for just $75? Our friends might also be checking for some maternity gifts and baby gift delivery packages to send to us. Who knows? You might get a surprise soon.